Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Advice wanted

Hey all.

So I have been learning a lot about Apidra and its ability to reduce the post meal spike/quick action time.

I have heard both good and bad things about it. My main concern is that it can not remain unrefrigerated for any period of time.

I go through a lot of insulin as a big girl. I can go through 200 units in a few days no problem, but my big stickler is that I always ALWAYS have a bottle of insulin unrefrigerated on me. At ALL times. I carry this because a) I may need a back up shot, b)I may run out of insulin and c)it keeps me alive so in case of any sort of emergency I always want some on me. A bottle of 10ml usually lasts me mayyyyyybe 3 weeks. Is this too long? I know the label says its too long, but is it actually too long?

Likewise, do any of my pumping pals use Symlin? I have heard good things from some T2s, but I wonder what its effect on T1 pumper would be?

I am trying to arm myself with lots of info before I beg and plead for the diabetes clinic to see me in the new year.

I will have approximately 15 minutes to present my findings and get an endocrinologist to believe me when I present these findings, so give me your best shot.

Any other meds or endo endorsed supplements that help make you feel more in control of your Diabetes?

Let me know!

This post is not requesting medical advice, nor will responses be taken as such. It is requesting user experiences only. Any changes I, or my readers make will be the responsibility of the patient.


  1. I asked my endo for a sample of Apidra once, because I just wanted to try it out- thinking that maybe it would help with some of the post-meal spikes I'd been dealing with. To give the short story, I'm back on Novolog.

    Honestly, I didn't give it a fair chance, but there's good reason. With needing to change my pump reservoir every 2 days instead of 3 (or 4...), I found myself becoming numb to the "low reservoir" alarms, so much so that I once had to top-off my Apidra reservoir while sitting in my car with the (unrefrigerated) Novolog that I'd been carrying with me. Needless to say, I had some wild BG swings during my trial, but going back and forth between two insulins is likely the reason. In the end, I stuck it out with Novolog because it's more stable. But plenty of people use Apidra and love it.

    Symlin, as I understand it, slows the absorption of food over time. In my mind, balancing carbs with insulin is tough enough. Balancing carbs with insulin with time is an act I'm not quite prepared to take on right now -- but if you do, and you can master it, it could be wonderful.

    1. Your story about topping up your reservoir is exactly what i could see myself doing. I just don't think it's worth the hassle. I really need to just learn to pre-bolus and actually eat what I have in front of me.

      But I am still interested. I just can't decide!

  2. The doc and pharmacist told us that a bottle of 10ml is good for a month after opening. We are using two types of insulin (NovaRapid and NPH). Marcus uses about 5 ml of NPH in a month and maybe 1 of NR. It is hard to tell with the NovaRapid, it looks almost like we don't even touch the bottle.

    1. I guess I should have clarified, I use Novorapid right now and I don't have any problems with it. What I have heard is Apidra spoils quicker, and I just would like to know how quickly.