Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Camp & Big Blue Test

Edit: It's Fabulous Fiver Friday, and I only previously Posted two awesome things! See below for the other 3 :)

1) JDRF Family Camp- I will be relatively brief today and won't be posting again until I return from JDRF Family Camp Weekend. I am so excited to be volunteering and role modelling for kids living with Type One Diabetes! We will be super active and be having a great time. I can't wait! Here is a quick blurb from the JDRF website about family camp for those who have asked

JDRF Family Camp
Thanks to a grant from the IWK Community Grants program and our industry partners, Lifescan and Animas, JDRF Nova Scotia is pleased to offer our very first Family Camp for youth ages 5-12 living with T1D and their families. The first Family Camp will be held on Friday, October 19 – Sunday, October 21, 2012, at Brigadoon Village.
Relationships are the heart of Family Camp. Families with a newly diagnosed child can connect with those who have experience living with diabetes in the family. They can share ideas, strategies, and knowledge, while developing long-term support networks.
The program includes sessions for adults, education sessions with qualified presenters, and facilitated small group discussions for children and their siblings. One of the goals of Family Camp is for children to gain confidence in managing their health, as diabetes is also a part of daily life of their fellow campers.
Family activities will include: orienteering, canoeing, arts and crafts, field games, talent/no talent show, and campfire cookouts. The emphasis is on fun and connecting with other families!
Camp fees include all meals, activities and accommodations:
Family Fee (up to 4 people): $200.00
Additional family member: $25.00
Children 2 and under: FREE

2)Big Blue Test/ Diabetes Hands Foundation- Also I have taken part in my first Big Blue Test and intend to do it with every other activity I do this weekend. I will also pass the info on to the families I see. The Big Blue Test is doing great things as is Manny at the Diabetes Hands Foundation .

The Big Blue test is a fundraising and awareness initiative set out to demonstrate how only 14 minutes of exercise can reduce our blood glucose. On top of that, if  20,000 tests are logged before November 14th, $100,000 will be donated to diabetes-related nonprofits. It's a win-win-win situation. I hope you all get out and do a Big Blue Test, diabetic or not :) Have a great weekend! I know I will!

3)I slept a straight 8 hours last night
4)My dog and I found a single daisy on our walk today, even after two frosts! I LOVE daisies.
5)The boil water on our water was lifted today! No more pouring bottled water out to brush our teeth and do dishes :)

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