Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabulous Fiver Friday

Five Fabulous Things, my new Friday tradition.

1) I registered for my very first Connected In Motion event, Winter Slipstream 2013!!!! I am going to be somewhere in Ontario in January doing things with other T1 diabetics (like possibly snow frisbee, high ropes, skating and snowshoeing!) I am SO excited, I can't even begin to explain my excitement and it's like...four months away.
Here's a video from last year:

You should get in touch with these people if you have diabetes. They do AWESOME things and I am so excited to finally attend an event of theirs. You can find them at the website: or on  twitter @ConnectedInMotion

2) I have a massage booked today. I have been carrying a lot of tension around in my shoulders and I can not wait to get it fixed.

3)This is pretty amazing.

4)My blood sugar before lunch today is a solid 4.1 mmol/L or 74 mg/dcl! Yay!

5)My parents are coming down next week as well as the Mr.'s. We will be eating a meal together. I suspect it will either be like an episode of the Brady Bunch or All In The Family. I guess we will see.

What are your Five Fabulous Friday Facts?


  1. interesting. I was perusing through your posts until I came upon this one.
    Your first CIM event?
    horrah! Love me some local T1D CIM'ers.
    you should totally come to Slipstream in the City at the end of November!

    1. haha! Well I am flying in from Halifax for the CIM event in January. unfortunately flying in for every event would cost quite a bit ;)