Friday, October 26, 2012

Fabulous Fiver Friday: F(ph)oto Edition

Here is my Fabulous Fiver Friday, a Photo Edition:

I found this gum: It has mint and bubble gum flavours (my two faves), a Jane Austen quote AND a mirror to check your teeth.

THIS is how my day has been so far! Ahhhhh yes! Hard work is paying off:

I get to go hiking with this guy tomorrow:

The C8 Medisensor got approved in Europe today. DUDES. DUDES. This is MINDBLOWING.  NON INVASIVE 24/hr glucose monitoring. the artificial pancreas is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Now if Health Canada approves it or maybe even the freaking Dexcom I will do a happy dance.

I am starting this scarf for my friend: