Monday, October 29, 2012

Bayer's A1C Now Meter

So due to my recent post about my frustrations with getting in to see my doctor, I decided to take things into my own hands and purchase the $47 A1C Now machine from Bayer.  Admittedly it comes with two tests, so I will do this again in January and hope for another significant drop. (Excuse my awful photos)

What's significant you say? I had a recent A1C done, before I got my new pump,  and it was 8.4%. That is out of my personal target range. (Your diabetes may vary). I wanted to lower it significantly. So I set out on a personal mission to do it. Since the day I started my new pump, I have felt good and my sugars have been relatively in range. I don't have the swings I used to have and I fully believe that I didn't TRULY understand the insulin pump until I started to spend hours a day researching it and its effect on diabetes. ANYWAY......

The box it came in.

It was intimidating. I didn't want to waste almost $50 on this, and there are a lot of steps. It came with a teeny tiny DVD, and I have one of those new fangled dvd players which doesn't have the eject tray so I decided to be hardcore and go by the written directions only. That little white rectangle? That's a torture device. It's supposed to be a finger poker but I claim it to be a spawn of Satan and just went ahead and used my lovely, sweet, angelic Delica poker. Then I had to poke myself 5 times because a) I don't change my lancet because I need to maintain my d-street cred. and b)this thing takes A LOT of blood. Like, at least 5-6 times what my little Verio takes.
A scary sight.              

It takes 5 minutes. When I first put the blood in the thingy I thought I screwed it up and I gave a significantly evil glare to my laptop for not having an old school DVD player, and then it started to count down. It looked like this:

 And then something magical happened. I had my lowest A1C result in my entire life with diabetes. It was 6.7% That is a GREAT leap forward. I can't wait to see if I can get it in the low 6's or high fives by January.
In my opinion, it was worth the $47, and I will probably continue to do this 4x a year. I feel so good about the painstaking hours I have put into this disease and I am incredibly motivated to keep going. It's incredible what a simple number can do to motivate me. 

So blurry, and literally the only picture I took cause I jumped up out of excitement.


  1. I'm always eyeing this up behind the counter at my pharmacy. I'm curious though, have you ever done one of these the same day you did your A1C lab work for your Endo? I'm wondering what the accuracy is on the at home version.

    Keep up the good work! That's a beautiful A1C!

    1. They claim "lab accurate". The government has very strict rules on Health claims like that through Advertising Standards Canada, and I have seen the reprecussions those lies can I trust it at least to be within a few decimals of what it should be. Thanks :) You should totally give it a try!

  2. in case anyone can get out in the next few days... you can get this test done for free at Rexall Pharmasave pharmacies until November 1st

    ... and for sure Alanna, nice work!!

    I had my first EVER (34yrs T1D) result under 7 a few months ago when I tested out one of these kits... and confirmed it with a lab test a couple weeks ago. Lab A1c in April 7.4, in July with A1c Now kit 6.8, lab test Oct 6.3 - so Dr. figured the A1c kit was on the right track (never mind that he had no idea these kits even existed!)

    So, I totally understand your excitement!!! Go for it girl, jump, skip, sing and dance, celebrate all your hard work.

    and everyone out there, no matter what your numbers are, if you work hard, and feel good about what you are doing, CELEBRATE! YDMV

    and... the first kit I used gave me an error message, I called Bayer and went through the second kit with the rep on the phone, got error message again. Bayer was great though, sent me a new kit the next day! (though the rep I went through the defective test with wasn't able to confirm that they would send me a new kit, it was a wonderful surprise to get it)

    1. Thank you! I am so glad to have someone confirm they are in the right range :)

  3. Hooray for being proactive in the first place, but then to see that result? Icing on the cupcake!

    1. Thanks, Kim! It's true the icing is the best part.

  4. Hi everyone, this looks like a pretty expensive device. Can we get it cheaper anywhere in Canada?