Monday, September 3, 2012

Find your passion


This will be short because the Y key on my BRAND NEW laptop is malfunctioning. However.

Just a quick note about finding passion.

I read Not Dead Yet written by Phil Southerland (of Team Type One fame) this weekend and it was totally inspiring. I mean, everyone finds hardships in their lives. Not just people living with diabetes. There is not one person in  this world that is not fighting a battle every day. I think what's important is that everyone be passionate about something. I think that being passionate is what gives life its flavor, but also what can keep a person going in the darkest times in their lives.

So I guess I need to focus on my passions so when things get tough (I have it pretty easy aside from living with the D) I will be able to redirect my energy. Just like Phil did in his training.

I highly recommend this book to everyone living with chronic illness, especially type one diabetes.

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  1. I finished his book recently as well. It was real without being depressing, which is not always the case with Type 1-related books. When I finished I also thought that this book could be enjoyed and motivational for pretty much anyone!