Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The first #CANDOC Chat!

Last night I moderated the first #candoc chat on tweetchat.com. I was totally 100% excited to connect with people living with diabetes, either themselves or family members, across the country. I had chosen to start our first chat with taking ownership of diabetes and how to discuss it with others.

This is a very important part of living with diabetes in my opinion and it generated some great discussion. We had some great content on discussions about the current state of Canadian Political involvement (provincial and national) in diabetes care, how to self-identify etc. There was lots of input from people living with Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2 and care givers (d-parents)!

My favourite moment of the chat was when people started answering the fourth question about pride in themselves and the diabetes that affects them. It was absolutely wonderful to sit back and see people shed a positive light on such a difficult disease to live with.

I think the DOC has a good thing going and the cauldron is bubbling waiting to explode with something awesome. I am so happy to be a part of it.

Next week BestiesBetes will guide @theCANDOC on a discussion about fitness and diabetes. I can't wait!

And the following week a super d-parent herself, Sara (@NitaCure4T1D) will be moderating a discussion on school and being a caretaker.

A special thanks/shout out to: Cherise at Diabetes Social Media Advocacy for sharing her ideas for a weekly chat. I have been following her chat as much as I can but it's a little late.

For your information there are also chats being held in Australia and Great Britain, so with all of us stirring up support and empowerment, the DOC is open 24/7!

Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated. I hope that one day our diabetes online community can have a conference in person to hold such important discussions face-to-face.

Did you participate or read through the chat? Favourite moment or improvement note?


  1. Very nice! I can hardly wait to host.

    BTW, you didn't link to my blog when you mentioned my name.

  2. Sorry about that! I didn't realize I just linked your twitter. My bad :) It's all fixed now!