Saturday, August 4, 2012

New toys!

I have been thinking about switching up my tester lately. I love the ease that the One Touch Ping gives me of being able to bolus directly from my meter, but it's bulky, and the graphs and pattern awareness tools are just majorly lacking in clarity.

Finding my patterns is something that I am really focusing on so I decided to research which tools I could use to do this. I narrowed it down to the new Verio IQ and the iBGstar. For now I went with the iBGstar if only for the gadgety aspect of having it all on my iPhone. I have my phone on me at all times and it provided a really clear way of seeing my charts.

Now my pharmacy provides the meter free with a pack of strips, so maybe next month I will try the VerioIQ and decide between the three options and the pros/cons.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Preferences?

My AM bg. It looks so pretty!

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  1. Okay, I know you just posted a review on the meter - and I'm about to read and comment on that. But first I just had to say WOW - you get a free iBGstar if you buy the strips??? I'm dying to try that meter, but it goes for about $80 here and I just can't justify paying that much for a meter.