Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iBGStar: a non-biased review

I have been without a computer the past few days at home which is why I am drafting this up on my lunch break at work and will post it later.

I am absolutely loving the iBGStar system. The ease of use, to the graphing has made me want to check my blood, and more importantly strive even harder to keep my sugars in target. I thought that I would really miss the remote function for my Ping, but the convenience and the cool factor of the iBGStar makes up for the convenience of digging the pump from my bra.

Thanks iBGStar/Sanofi Aventis for listening to what your consumers want! Now, if you could only make it able to check for blood ketones, we would be golden :)

A few photos as of this morning. I am not doing too bad, but I want to be doing better.**

Photo of the iBGStar courtesy of

Most of my dots are in range :)

Clearly need to re-work my supper time CHO ratio.

55 tests in 5.5 days of owning this!

Not bad post-breakfast :)
**please note this about my diabetes, and my personal goals. Your diabetes may be different, and that is just fine. I have set personal goals which does not reflect my opinion on anyone ele's goals or targets, and certainly is not to be taken as medical advice. Diabetes is a very personal disease and you and your medical team should decide your target range.

*** this is a 100% non-biased review. I was not paid by Sanofi Adventis, nor was I given the product for free. I paid for it out of pocket.


  1. So glad to hear that you are really liking the meter. It does look very cool - the size and the fact that it attaches to the iPhone have had me pining for it forever. It's expensive here though, so I'll just enjoy it vicariously through you! Thanks for the review.

  2. There is one major downfall which I discovered last night, it's SO small and it isn't very well lit. So checking your bg while you are low at night is very difficult!