Friday, August 24, 2012

Gluten free test

I had always hoped I would never have to do this.

After a week of stomach distress I was advised by a medical professional to give eating gluten free a try for a few weeks to see if that settled things down. If it did I should book in with a gastro specialist and have a colonoscopy and do the full screening for celiac.

I don't want to. I want just a little part of my life to be easy, I battle a hard battle every day with diabetes. Cooking and enjoying what I cook has been such an easy release for me. I don't want to be part of those households that has separate everything for food. Food to me is so important, it brings family and friends together and helps create an atmosphere at parties.

I guess this will be an interesting few weeks.

Please help me with a grocery list. I am having a lot of trouble facing this! What are your favourite gluten free foods?


  1. Don't be scared!
    When I tried gluten-free, the hardest part was when I wanted easy and convenient take-out food. Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, roti, etc. Aside from that, I really enjoyed being gluten free. Most of my supper meals never involved gluten in the first place - stir fries (make sure to get GF soy sauce), stew (use corn starch or rice flour as thickener), soup, meat'n'potatoes, casseroles, salads.. none of that needs gluten! Meat, dairy, vegetables and fruit are all way more wonderful than breads anyway. Replace bread with meat and cheese and I'm sure you won't miss it at all...

    Then there's the beer thing. It's unfortunate, but GF breweries are opening up all the time. For now, stick to cider and wine and if you end up needing to stay with GF, then look into the GF beers!

    For a grocery list, personally, I'd say:
    GF soy sauce
    a few different cheeses
    lots of leafy greens for salads
    lots of meat
    rice and quinoa
    if you like cereal for breakfast, Mesa Sunrise by Nature's Path is my favourite cereal and it happens to be GF. I like putting raisins on it.
    rice cakes + peanut butter! (make sure they say GF on the package)

    aside from that it's no different than your regular groceries!

    here's a good resource
    and here's a good recipe site!


  2. Ahhh Gluten-free life, how I miss you!

    Gluten-free was how I've been eating for the past year or so. I am only forcing myself to eat gluten now because I have to get tested for Celiac. We can be celiac-testing buddies. Haha.

    There are so many fantastic gluten-free options for breads and pastas. I find here, a lot of restaurants offer gluten free options, so you are in luck!

    It is true, eating out may be difficult, but you'll get the swing of things in no time. And look at it this way, maybe going gluten-free will make you feel the best you ever felt. That's what happened for me.

    Ok, onto your question about good food!

    Crackers: (Herb and Spice my favourite)

    Want to eat smores? No problem! These are amazing:

    This bread is fantastic. The honey and quinoa is yummy!

    I typically avoid grains now but I'll have a look and send more food recommends when I see them :)

    Keep an open mine, GF isn't so bad!

  3. Have you checked out Nikki's blog ever? She sometimes does recipes, but was also trying to list her grocery shopping (gluten free on less than $50/week).

    Good luck!

  4. Rice, quinoa, pastas made from rice or quinoa, corn or rice cereals (if you do cereal), lots of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds. There are crackers out there, for snacking, made of rice, and I've also seen some made of almonds.

    My fiance eats gluten (and dairy) free and a typical day for him:
    Breakfast - corn or rice chex w/ fresh blueberries and almond milk and a banana

    Lunch - strawberries, applesauce, a trailmix of dried fruits/nuts/seeds, a few pieces of lunch-meat, a hardboiled egg.

    Dinner - brown rice, corn or black beans, steamed vegetables (usually carrots and broccoli or cauliflower), chicken/pork/fish

    There are gluten free pancake mixes from Bisquik out there if you like pancakes/waffles, and there are dry gluten-free pizza crust mixes (just add oil and eggs) that are pretty good. I've also recently seen gluten free cookie and cake recipes. Gluten free is becoming bigger and there's a huge variety out there! Good luck!